VF750C Magna





"Dead" picture links will be back soon! I'm moving files from one server to another.

Black Magna owned by Rafael Ketelhohn from Argentina

kh_1 kh_1    

Great looking red Magna owned by Engin Dulger from Istanbul


V-Twin Magna owned by Kaori Hirata from Japan, painted in the most beautiful colour of all..... silver!

kh_1 kh_2 kh_3 kh_4

Jean Marie Rochat's Magna

jmr_1 jmr2    

Custom Magna by Willie Morales

wm_1 wm_2    

Some pictures of my friend Erik's VT750C '85mod,  painted in silver (of course!). This is now sold and replaced with a H-D XL1200C Sportster, also this is painted in silver!

el_1 el_2

Morten's yellow 1994 Magna ....

mh_1 mh_2 mh_3 mh_4

...... painted in black.

mh_5 mh_6 mh_7 mh_8

Collin's Magna





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