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Welcome to the description on how to modify your stock exhaust. If you choose to do this yourself, be aware that you do it on your own risk, do not blame me if something goes wrong. I got the inspiration to do this modification after reading about it on Magnariders homepage

On Magnariders homepage you can read about the stock muffler fix, I have copied some of the text from that page and added something extra.

<Start of copied text>First off you need to take out the rivets at the rear of the muffler. To do this you will need to knock out the rivet center pins first. Just take a small punch and drive the pins through the rivets. After doing this, drill out the rivets using a #21 drill bit. After you have all the rivets out, take a pair of Vice Grips and clamp them on the part of the tail pipe that extends out from the end plate. Then take a small hammer and hit the Vice Grips to remove the end plate/baffle assembly.... This takes a little effort!

After you have the four end plates removed, cut off the baffles even with the inside of the end plate with a hacksaw, or whatever you wish to use. When you have the baffles removed you need to grind the 1" tail pipe off of the end plate.

Get a piece of 1 1/2" thin wall steel tubing and cut the end to match the old tail pipes angle. They only have to be about 2" in lengh. Now you will have to enlarge the center hole so that the larger 1 1/2" tubing will fit in the end plate. A cutting torch or a grinder can do this. Next you will need to have the new tubing welded in place. Try to keep the new pieces of tubing sticking out of the end of the end plate the same distance on each one!

Next you need to clean out the old rivet pieces out of your mufflers. Get a good high temp black paint and paint the end plate, inside and out! After it dries, re-rivet the end plates back on the mufflers. Then start it up and listen to the music!!! I did this and mine still runs great, with NO re-jetting! This will vary though due to different elevations. It sure beats spending $400 on pipes that aren't chromed as good as the stock ones and don't sound as good!<End of copied text> [NOTE! I had a Honda mechanic to re-jet the bike when I finished this mod) 

After riding around with this mod for some time, I decided that I wasn't totally satisfied with the sound of my pipes. I wanted a deeper, but not louder sound! 

Then I started working again, I ordered 4 silencers silencer , then I cut the silencers to fit on the inside of my pipe Cutting . Then I riveted the small silencer into my modified end plate [1],

[1]1 [2]2

wrapped it with fiberglass [2] and re-riveted the endplates back on the mufflers. 

VOILA! A nice deep sound is the result of this little add-on to the muffler mod.  


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