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Magna modifications:

I'm always updating this page, please come back later for more modification info. (Last updated 01-des-2003)
This is the price list!


Latest update: Have installed Vance&Hines Exhaust, Mapam forward controls and a Rizoma headlight.


I'm still working on my carbs, I have removed the DynoJet kit and installed original Honda main jets again, but this time the size is #108. I'm still running with Jardine Megaphones and K&N air filter, I will try to get time to dyno the bike in a day or ... ten!


I have finally installed the  Progressive Suspension Heavy Duty 440's, and they are definitely worth the money! The handling is much, much better. Pictures will come soon!


This is the mods I can remember, part# and where to order the products are listed in the table below. More pictures of the modifications are found on the picture page.

The Stock Exhaust mod. (read about it HERE!). This was a mod I did before I bought the Jardine Megaphones.

Engine guard (Original Honda)

Backrest with luggage rack (Original Honda)

Saddle bag support (GIVI)

Windshield (Original Honda)

Steel braided brake line

DynoJet kit installed.

Suzuki Marauder Drag bars

Kuryakyn ISO-grips (05. April 2001)

 ISO2.jpg (13473 byte)

The rear turn signals will soon be shortened (23/01-2001)

8" Headlight, Bates style, ordered from Bikercom (18.04.2001) Part# B68-120 + bracket Part# B68-1501.

8" Headlight  Headlight bracket The headlight arrived after 2 days, but I was sleeping when UPS tried to deliver the package. ARRGH! I had to wait until Monday before I could start mounting the new parts. (Finished 23.04.2001) *** Go to the picture page to see pictures of the headlight on the bike.

Fork-mounted turn signals.

blink.jpg (53224 byte) (Finished 23.04.2001)

Painted the cooling fins (30.04.2001). Pictures on the picture page.

Cobra smooth reservoir cover, from Dennis Kirk (#50-1962) (05.05.2001)

501962_Cobra_reservoircoveer_smooth_Dennis_Kirk.jpg (79942 byte) 

Kuryakyn Large Silver Bullets, universal (part# 2320), 50Watt

Kuryakyn_Large_Silver_Bullet_Universal (10.May 2001)

and Lazer Star mounting brackets for 41mm fork (part#21-0392), ordered from Dennis Kirk

Lazer_Star_Mounting_Brackets_41mm_Dennis_Kirk. (10.May 2001)

I used a 9,5mm drill and drilled out the threads in the lights, then I mounted the lights on the mounting brackets, mounted a switch on the left side panel and a relay under the seat. Some new wiring was also needed.

Pictures of the lights on the picture page!

Mustang tank bib (part# TL5), ordered from MC-Import Impoks

(May 2001)

GZM Passenger footpeg extensions from Bikercom (part# B511013). Click on Excel image for fitment guide Pass.footpeg extensions

mods.h1.jpg (14241 byte) (12.June 2001)

Jardine slash cut megaphones 4-4 (part#14-1105-01), ordered from Motospeed

slashcut.jpg (49282 byte) (Installed 15.June 2001)

Show Chrome switch boxes (part# 51-333) from Big Bike Parts , ordered via Aaserød Goldwing Tilbehør.

clutchside.gif (7725 byte) brakeside.gif (8934 byte) (Installed 04.July 2001)

HOPNEL Rear Fender Tuxedo Tail (part# H50-402BK) from Big Bike Parts , ordered via Aaserød Goldwing Tilbehør.

tuxedotail.gif (11755 byte) (Installed 04.July 2001)


8000-pegs.jpg (21219 byte) Large ISO driver pegs (part# 7965), small ISO passenger pegs (part# 7964) and foot peg adapters ,front (part#8803) and rear (part# 8802). (Installed 15.July 2001)

I have also ordered an ISO shift peg (part# 8004)

8004_ISO_shift_peg.jpg (11462 byte) (Installed 15.July 2001)

and an ISO break pedal pad (part# 8029)

8029_brake_pedal_pad.jpg (11888 byte) (Installed 15.July 2001).

All these products are ordered from Kuryakyn.

Pictures of ISO pegs and shift peg on the bike.    

giviE21NC.jpg (18481 byte) GIVI Hard bags, E21 CRUISER (part# E21NC) ordered from GIVI via Twinmotor

Winter 2001/2002 modifications:
Custom Taillight and Bracket Kit for Fat Bob Fenders (part#19-907), LED 'Bullet' Marker Lights by Paul Yaffe Originals (part# 47-664) ordered from Custom Chrome , Harley-Davidson luggage rack for Dyna models, ordered from Harley-Davidson Bergen AS, this picture is from before I adjusted the rearlight 100%


More pictures of LED 'Bullet' Marker Lights and the luggage rack.

New tires:

Metzeler ME880 120/80-17 Front &
Metzeler ME880 180/70-15 Rear

Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Clutch, Speedo, Pull Throttle and Push Throttle Cables ordered from Dennis Kirk

National Cycles Flyscreen

Progressive Suspension fork springs and 440 IAS H.D Rear shocks


This is a list of how much money I have used on all this!

Description Part# Cost Ordered from: Pictures
Hondaline Engine guard 08P51-MZ5-800 NOK 1452,- Twin motor

See picture page!

Hondaline backrest + luggage rack 08F75-MZ5-A00 + 08L42-MZ5-100 NOK 3600,- Twin motor See picture page!
Hondaline backrest stay 08F75-MZ5-100 NOK 811,- Twin motor See picture page!
GIVI side bags holder T201 NOK 700,- Twin motor See picture page!
Hondaline windshield + mounting brackets 08154-MM811 + 08R80-MZ5-100
NOK 1150,- Twin motor See picture page!
Goodridge stainless brake line 40" 131440 NOK 371,- MC Marine AS See picture page!
DynoJet Kit, stage 1 DynoJet part# 1167 NOK 1535,- MC Marine AS


Suzuki Marauder Drag bars - NOK 1500,. Kårbø Sport & Motor as See picture page!
Datatool series2 - NOK 1500,- MC Marine AS -


$ 49.95

Kuryakyn PIC
8" Headlight, Bates style


$ 114,23 Bikercom PIC
Headlight bracket B68-1501 $ 20,66 Bikercom PIC
Turn signals, front 70-139 SEK 695,- Bike Line


Cobra smooth reservoir cover 50-1962 $ 28,99 Dennis Kirk PIC
Lazer Star mounting brackets for 41mm fork 21-0392 $ 80,99 Dennis Kirk PIC
Large Silver Bullets, universal 50Watt 2320

$ 79,95

Kuryakyn PIC
GZM Passenger footpeg extensions B511013

$ 69,30

Bikercom PIC Click for fitment file
Mustang Tank bib 93104  (or TL5) NOK 498,- MC-Import PIC
Side bags  - NOK 1590,-

Twin motor

Tool bag Highway Hawk# 021-2823 NOK 740,-

Twin motor

MOTO Line Tank bag - NOK 1300,- Twin motor -
Bagster Side bags - NOK 1650,- Mototema -
Jardine 4-4 Slash Cut Megaphones 14-1105-01 NOK 3038,- Motospeed PIC
FIVE STAR carriers for GIVI hardbags  10022753 DM 195.95  LOUIS -
SHOW CHROME switch box housing (set) 51-333  NOK 845,- Big Bike Parts (via Aaserød Goldwing Tilbehør) PIC1 / PIC2
HOPNEL Tuxedo Tail H50-402BK NOK 260,- Big Bike Parts (via Aaserød Goldwing Tilbehør) PIC
Large ISO driver pegs  7965 $ 26,95 Kuryakyn PIC
Small ISO passenger pegs  7964 $ 24,95 Kuryakyn PIC
Foot peg adapter, front 8803 $ 16,95 Kuryakyn -
Foot peg adapter, rear


$ 16,95 Kuryakyn


ISO shift peg  8004 $ 12,95 Kuryakyn PIC, PIC2
ISO break pedal pad 8029 $ 19,95 Kuryakyn PIC
GIVI Hard bags: E21 CRUISER


NOK 1500,- Twin motor


Metzeler ME880 120/80-17 Front &
Metzeler ME880 180/70-15 Rear
IP-CODE 11249 Front
IP-CODE 10421 Rear
About NOK 5000,- Harley-Davidson Bergen AS


Harley-Davidson luggage rack for Dyna models by Motherwell Products

Custome Chrome part#: 37-472
Dennis Kirk part#: H50-357

NOK 1100,- Harley-Davidson Bergen AS


LED 'Bullet' Marker Lights by Paul Yaffe Originals


? Custom Chrome


Custom Taillight and Bracket Kit for Fat Bob Fenders


NOK 500,- Custom Chrome


Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Push Throttle Cable


$26.99 Dennis Kirk PIC
Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Pull Throttle Cable 193635 $27.99 Dennis Kirk PIC
Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Speedo Cables 193665 $26.99 Dennis Kirk PIC
Armor Coat Braided Stainless Steel Clutch Cables


$34.99 Dennis Kirk PIC
K&N Airfilter HA-7594 800NOK Harley-Davidson Bergen AS  
Progressive fork springs 11-1126 $83(incl. UPS transport) Bikercom.com  
Flyscreen N2531


Custom Chrome  
Progressive Suspension 440 Heavy Duty 440-4214C 6949NOK Mc-Land  
Restyling/Mapam Forward controls HM2041PVF7 $189 Bikercom.com  
Vance & Hines Classic II V19427 $375 (Dealer price :-)) Drag Specialties  
Rizoma Headlight FA001L NOK 3475,- Rizoma


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I have done some modifications on my bike, I have listed the ones I can remember. If you have any questions about my modifications, feel free to contact me!
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