Naturales - Et naturlig system.

Stort sett er Naturales tatt fra Jan Mikkelsens utgave av BIN Standard fra artikkelserien i BIN fra 1984/85.
Omtrent alle eksemplene og hovedskjelettet er hentet fra disse artiklene.
Noe nytt blod er sprøytet inn i form av :

Modern Standard Club - Et sterkt kløversystem.

Dette systemet bygger på Carrot Club, men er noe endret slik at man får
kombinert et slikt systems aggressive stil samt at man gjerne ville beholde dets forbindelse til naturlige systemer.


Nok et naturlig system, slik det spilles(?) av Boye Brogeland og Erik Sælensminde.



A mixture between Carrot Club, Magic Diamond and the Tangerine Club as I play iT.

CLONE is a bridge bidding system based on a weak/strong 1C opening, followed by natural sequences, light opening bids of one of a suit (5-card major) containing 9-16 hcp. 1NT is 14-16hcp and allowed to contain 5 card major/6 card minor.
The natural 2C opening shows 9-16 hcp and at least a 5 card suit. 2D is a variation of Multi - based on Woodgroves Multi (without the strong variations), and 2H/S is weak two's with a 6 card suit. 2NT is a standard 20-21NT.

The system is called CLONE since iT's cloned from several strong club/diamond systems and take extensively use of methods gained from natural systems.

In describing the Tangerine Club, Jan Eric Larsson wrote :

  • "It is a tactical advantage to open as often as possible." CLONE have aggressive one level openings with a limit on 9-10 hcp (8 losers) which is the least average strength. And in addition the (very) weak two openings makes CLONE a very aggressive bidding system.
  • "The use of a strong 1C opening may be a tactical weakness." In order to avoid psychic overcall (like nonsense 1S, showing nothing but 13 cards), CLONE use an ambiguous 1C showing 8-11 balanced or 17 hcp+. If the opponents try any psychics, they risk fooling themselves.
  • "Ignore the 4-4-4-1 distribution." A sound inference, since this hand seldom shows up (1,59% with 10 hcp+), and therefore; treat it either as a 4-4-3-2 or a 5-4-4-0 hand.


A medium(!) strong pass system based on CLONE and Carotti.
Have fun, if allowed... ;-)

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My system cards (wbf card - Word format) when I'm 'forced' to play natural (in NOR):


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