What is iT?


A card game derived from whist, played with 52 cards by four players in two partnerships. It probably originated in the Middle East. In contract bridge, a now popular form, the cards rank from ace down to two; in bidding, suits rank spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs.

After all the cards are dealt, the auction begins Players bid to win a stated number of tricks over six (a trick being the three cards played in rotation after the lead) with a named suit as trump or with no-trump The highest bid becomes the contract after three consecutive passes end the bidding. The player who first named the suit (or no-trump) is the declarer; his partner's hand is the dummy and is played by the declarer face-up as he attempts to win at least enough tricks to fulfill his contract.

Duplicate bridge, in which prearranged hands are played, is the main form of competitive bridge. The governing principles of bidding were delineated by Ely Culbertson, and the currently popular point-counting system in bidding was introduced by Charles H. Goren.


A more detailed version can be found at Rules of Card Games: Bridge


Jr.-VM in Lille 1998 Participating at the World Bridge Championships, Lille-France 1998, in the Junior Pairs contest, sitting at the right. 
My partner (our 1st tournament together!), Ole Marius Myrvold, taking the picture while playing against a Belgium pair.
We finished off just above average (33/66 - 201.07%).
Barbro and Maja playing in the Open Norwegian Women Pairs contest 1999.
After a bad start (the picture is from the 2. round), they climbed to 24. place of total 71.
In 2000 they became second, in 2001 I destroyed the chances by making Barbro pregnant!
But recruting is also necessary... :)

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