The Wisdom Channel support page

This is the support page for The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel on YouTube and MySpace. It also supports two other YouTube channels.

The research links

This page makes it easy to find Lehrer's music. The channel itself was put up after a lot of research links had been collected. Enjoy Tom Lehrer on video, in interviews, on the radio or in (old) images. Go directly to the collection of the Tom Lehrer research links HERE.

The NRK on YouTube and online

Visit the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation -- the NRK -- online. The NRK recorded the rare Lehrer performance on video and preserved it for 40 years in their ubelieveable archives.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in English

Read about the NRK in English HERE.

The Lehrer impact on Google

The videos started to come online from July of 2007 and they have made an impact on Google. Search for "Wernher von Braun" or use other search words from the Lehrer songs, and then watch the results:

Wernher von Braun and a Tom Lehrer video in Google

Try the search in a pop-up window HERE.

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