About The Wisdom Channel

The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel contains twelve Tom Lehrer songs that used to be super rare. They are from a 1967 recording from the NRK in Norway that was forgotten for 40 years. In April 2010 the whole performance -- and more of Lehrer's recorded TV performances -- was released on DVD, and you should buy that DVD HERE.

The original performance is stored in timeless black and white and in full broadcast quality. Truth be told, it should have been fourteen songs, but "I Hold Your Hand In Mine" (1'25) and "Be Prepared" (the infamous boy scout song, 1'31) were deemed unsuitable for the Norwegian audience. The songs were removed from the original Ampex Quadruplex master video tape prior to the airing.


All the content on the master video tape, on The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel, on the MySpace tribute pages and on The Wisdom Channel support page is owned and copyrighted by Tom Lehrer.


Lehrer did not contribute to The Tom Lehrer Wisdom Channel or this page. All the notes and texts on the channel were written by the publisher, who is himself not in direct contact with Lehrer. Nor is the publisher able to forward messages from the public.

TV-producers and broadcasters

Even though the performance is now available on DVD, Lehrer is the contractual copyright holder and owner of the content, currently stored on the DVD's and on a Sony Digital Betacam video tape. The Sony Digital Betacam master is stored in the archives of the NRK in Norway, but any broadcaster or TV-production company wanting to license out a portion of the performance must first seek permission from Lehrer himself.

It is important to stress that this channel or the publisher does NOT represent Tom Lehrer in any way and that mail or messages cannot be forwarded because there are no "direct lines". The publisher of this channel is using the YouTube inbox for messages, but also has this email address:


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