Tom Lehrer on Funny Stuff - 1983

Bob Claster was a DJ on KCRW in Los Angeles. In the 80's he had a comedy show called Funny Stuff and he would interview comedians. He has kept many of these interviews online as mp3 audio files. He interviewed Tom Lehrer, Douglas Adams, Danny Arnold (a.k.a. Barney Miller), Peter Cook, Terry Jones, two interviews with John Cleese, one solo and another with Michael Palin, Emo Philips, Billy Connolly, Mort Sahl, Quentin Crisp, "Brother Theodore" Gottlieb, June Foray and Bill Scott (a.k.a. Rocky and Bullwinkle) and an epic five-part interview with Stan Freberg.

On this page you will find a flash player so you can hear his first interview with Lehrer, but Claster's own page with all his interviews as mp3 audio files is HERE.

The first interview

Please use the small flash player below and enjoy Claster's 1983 interview with Tom Lehrer.

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Listen to the next interview HERE.

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