The Dodge industrial film

In 1967 Lehrer participated in an industrial film for Dodge automobiles. The film was supposed to be screened for car dealers in the United States.

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The text below is Tom Lehrer talking about the Dodge film on the web site

GEO. STEWART: Back in 1967 you performed in a brief promotional film for Dodge automobiles.

TOM LEHRER: Oh, my yes. One thinks these things are really obscure. But now with the Internet and with all these people ferreting around, everything has turned up! I did an industrial film in approximately '67 for Dodge cars for showing to the salesmen. I wrote the songs and performed them on film. I can't imagine that something that was done for an industrial show in 1967 would surface. I was hoping that would disappear, too. Anything that is out that, someone will find.

GEO: It shows you how hungry people are for your material.

TOM LEHRER: Well, people also like to top one another. "I know this thing that you don't know" and "I have this that you don't have." -- even though it may not be any good. The Dodge thing was actually a lot of fun. The movie Cat Ballou had just come out and the idea was that I would be like Stubby Kaye and Nat King Cole who in that movie would appear from time to time to sing the Ballad of Cat Ballou. So we went out to Arizona and shot this footage.

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