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July 2016: Two PDFs from Library of Congress was added.

You see, most of these badly organized research links were collected and checked in 2007, long before a single "wisdom video" appeared on YouTube. Even if the page was edited in 2015, some of the links may not work. The channel publisher does not own any of the content on the linked pages and the links are kept online for continuing reserach purposes. It is important for people to understand that this channel does NOT represent Tom Lehrer in any way, and that messages or requests can not be forwarded.

The Tom Lehrer status quo

July/August 2016: At 88, Tom Lehrer is still a retired mathematician and lecturer, and also a former comedian, satirist and singer/songwriter. He was born in 1928. Lehrer does not want to be bothered by fans or the press, but he is very polite and he appreciates people who enjoy his old comedy songs and buy his DVD's, albums or mp3's HERE..

Do you want to know more?

Please use ALL the content on this page before sending questions to the YouTube channel. A red star means "pay attention" or "favorite". The link for Lehrer talking on BBC Radio 2 has two red stars because it's the most reliable source of information about Tom Lehrer.

Latest links

The 2015 interview - Library of Congress (PDF), click HERE.

The essay - Library of Congress (PDF), click HERE.

Full Copenhagen-performance available again, just click HERE.

Looking for Tom Lehrer - from - just click HERE.

ESSENTIAL: "The Tom Lehrer Collection" (CD/DVD), HERE!

DEALS: Lehrer has no management, read more HERE.

LICENSE: Play Lehrer's Tom Foolery revue? HERE.

PRESS: The Enduring Satiric Genius of Tom Lehrer is HERE.

PRESS: The man who never came back is HERE.

PRESS: The New York Times about Lehrer's songs is HERE.

PRESS: The Tom Lehrer photoflash (May 2010) is HERE.

PRESS: about the release is HERE.

PRESS: The review from DVDTalk is HERE.

PRESS: The favorite review (so far) is HERE.

NEWS: Check the latest Google's Lehrer news HERE.

PROMO: Check out Lehrer on the NCIS soundtrack HERE.

REVIEW: Delightful Tom Foolery? Review is HERE.

* FORUMS: Postings about Tomfoolery are HERE.

* RARE: Tom Lehrer in the Dodge film, more is HERE.

* RARE: The Subway Song on YouTube, click HERE.

MEDIA: A Lehrer song on America's Got Talent, click HERE.

CARTOON: A Tom Lehrer cartoon from 2010 is HERE.

Albums and tours

* ALBUMS AND CONCERTS: The demented database is HERE.

ALBUMS: Visit's Tom Lehrer store HERE.

Tom Lehrer talking on the radio

* * AUDIO: Lehrer hosting on BBC Radio 2, click HERE.

* AUDIO: Lehrer on Funny Stuff (radio) in 1983, click HERE.

* AUDIO: Lehrer on Funny Stuff (radio) in 1989, click HERE.

* AUDIO:: Lehrer on WTBS (second link), click HERE.

Listen and sing

KARAOKE: Sing a Lehrer song, click HERE.

MUSIC: Lehrer on the music service, click HERE.

MUSIC: Online radio stations playing Lehrer are HERE.

Time (subscription needed)

* FUN: Lehrer among The Sicknicks - Time (1959), HERE.

* REVIEW: The Sabbatical Satirist - Time Magazine, HERE.

* REVIEW: Richard Corliss in Time Magazine, click HERE.

Historical links - with some images

* HISTORY: Lehrer in Billboard, click HERE.

* HISTORY: Lehrer on TV (1959 ITN London), click HERE.

* HISTORY: Lehrer in an Australian library, click HERE.

* HISTORY: Lehrer pictured with John Cleese, click HERE.

HISTORY: An old songbook from bygone days, click HERE.

HISTORY: More about "Seriously Funny" is HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer in the American studies anthology HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer on Getty Images (preview) is HERE.

HISTORY: Search for Lehrer on Corbis (preview) HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer against nuclear weapons is HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer on The Library Thing is HERE.

HISTORY: A Joe Raposo tribute is worth a visit. More HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer memorabilia available on eBay, click HERE.

HISTORY: The certificate from RIAA (screenshot) is HERE.

HISTORY: Tom's foolery by Cameron Mackintosh is HERE.

HISTORY: Tom Lehrer and Georg Kreisler, click HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer in a photo from the Hungry I in 2007 is HERE.

HISTORY: Lehrer in a photo from Rusty Frank in 2008 is HERE.

The bio's and chat pop-up links

* BIO: Check out Wikipedia, please click HERE.

BIO: Check out the bio hits from Google, click HERE.

BIO: Check out IMDb, please click HERE.

BIO: Check out The All Music Guide bio HERE.

BIO: Check out the bio HERE.

BIO: Jeremy Mazner's good bio/interview is HERE.

MINIBIO: Tom Lehrer on NNDB, click HERE.

* CHAT: Tom Lehrer on The Music Show, click HERE.

CHAT: Transcript of the chat with Paul D. Lehrman, click HERE.

CHAT: Rhino Records' online chat with Tom Lehrer is HERE.

Interviews and lyrics

* INTERVIEW: With Roger Deitz in Sing Out! (pdf) HERE.

* INTERVIEW: Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel, click HERE.

* INTERVIEW: Read The San Fransisco Weekly HERE.

INTERVIEW: Read the Lehrer interview with Rusty Pipes HERE.

INTERVIEW: Read The New York Times interview HERE.

INTERVIEW: Read The Crazy College interview HERE.

INTERVIEW: The Sydney Morning Herald (2003), click HERE.

INTERVIEW: Tom Lehrer on Meeting Music (, click HERE.

LETTER: See Lehrer's letter to HERE.


LYRICS: Tim Newsome's Tom Lehrer song index, click HERE.

LYRICS: Some lyrics and chords, scroll down the page HERE.

LYRICS: Some lyrics at, click HERE.

LYRICS: Some lyrics on a German server is HERE.

Communities and education

ARCHIVE: Lehrer on The Internet Archive, click HERE.

COMMUNITY: Visit Bright Tom Lehrer Days forum HERE.

COMMUNITY: The Tom Lehrer Music Community is HERE.

COMMUNITY: The Lehrer forum on is HERE.

COMMUNITY: Tom Lehrer on The Mudcat Caf, click HERE.

EDUCATION: An authorized math lesson by Tom Lehrer HERE.

EDUCATION: Theodore W. Gray's elements page is HERE.

SOCIETY: Lehrer on the list of Phi Beta Kappa, click HERE.

Fun and reviews

OLD: A column with Tom Lehrer, click HERE.

FUN: Lehrer in Balneus (Australia), funny and "lefty", HERE.

FUN: Lehrer on The Frost Report (BBC), click HERE.

FUN: Gene Weingarten in The Washington Post is HERE.

FUN: The Google Blog celebrates Lehrer, click HERE.

FUN: Check out the great Physical Revue page HERE.

FUN: Read Tom Lehrer quotes HERE and HERE.

FUN: A flash animation of "The Elements", click HERE.

FUN: Sputnik recollections (The New York Times) is HERE.

FUN: Lehrer in the directory of famous atheists, click HERE.

INFAMOUS FUN: American radio host Dr. Demento is HERE.

* REVIEW: The All Music Guide, click HERE.

REVIEW: Lehrer continues to shine, read more HERE.

Essays and enthusiast pop-up's

ENJOYABLE: Read the essay from Tyler MacNiven HERE.

ENTHUSIASTIC: A Swedish essay as a pdf-file, click HERE.

More funny stuff

Discussion on musicals? Click HERE.

SOUND: A must! April Winchell's web site, click HERE.

BLOG: A blog right up Tom Lehrer's alley? Maybe HERE.

Any questions?

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