Deals and requests

Tom Lehrer does not have a management or anything like that.

But in 2010 The Tom Lehrer Collection was released in Los Angeles. The label is Shout! Factory, so at least there is a contract and a record company.

Link to Yellow Pages Online

Maybe you will find some Shout! Factory people who might help you? The names here are Derek Dressler and Jordan Fields.

No interviews - whatsoever

Please remember that Tom Lehrer was born in 1928 and that he stopped performing many years ago.

He did not want to be interviewed for the series "Make 'Em Laugh - The Funny Business of America".

New York Times - no to interviews

Lehrer declined all the requests for interviews when the CD/DVD was released in 2010. He is still the world's best musical satirist, and also very good at saying "no".

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