The RIAA certificate

This is a screenshot from the home page of RIAA - The Recording Industry Association of America. RIAA is the trade group that represents the U.S. recording industry.

Tom Lehrer finally got the gold certificate in 1996, and since then his records have continued to sell. By now, worldwide sales of his records could be two million copies or more. The latest record - The Remains of Tom Lehrer on Rhino Records - is pretty much all the music Lehrer ever recorded, published on 3 CD's in a nice package. In fact, The Remains of Tom Lehrer has songs released for the first time. The set is also nicely priced. Indeed, it must be the best buy - ever - of Tom Lehrer's music.

To get a gold certificate you must sell at least 500 000 records in the US alone. But satirists do not sell like pop stars. This record was first released in 1965:

This is what a certificate from the RIAA web page looks like. Read more about RIAA certification HERE.

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