The Subway Song

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This song about Boston was written by Tom Lehrer in 1944. Thanks to Brian Leibowitz for informing the Internet community that Lehrer performed this live during an interview on WTBS, the MIT radio station, which is now WMBR.

Oh, this is a nice picture

It is a parody of "M-O-T-H-E-R (A Word That Means The World To Me)". The interview was aired 10-20-65, and also featured a cover of "The 50 Russian Composers" (similar in concept to "The Elements"), a version of "I Hold Your Hand In Mine", and some songs from his album That Was The Year That Was, which he was promoting at the time.

The 1965 introduction and the video

Quote: "This is a song, though, that I wrote when I first came to Cambridge, 20 years ago. And when I first took the subway ride from Cambridge into Boston, I noticed the subway stations on the line had this interesting property."

The lyrics

H is for my alma mater Harvard,
C is Central, next stop on the line,
K is for the cozy Kendall station, and
C is Charles that overlooks the brine...a-
P is Park St...Pahk Street, busy Boston center, and
W is Washington you see...
Put them all together, they spell...
(HCCKKCC... PW... (sounds like somebody spitting))
Which is just about what Boston means to me!

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