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R.E.M. Around the Sun 2004 CD
R.E.M. Automatic For the People 1992 General Pop
General Rock
R.E.M. Dead Letter Office 1990 CD
R.E.M. E-Bow The Letter [CD-single] 1996 rock CD
R.E.M. Fables of the Reconstruction 1992 Pop/Rock CD
R.E.M. From The Borderline (CD 2) CD
R.E.M. Lifes Rich Pageant 1998 CD
R.E.M. Man On The Moon - USA 1992 rock CD
R.E.M. Monster 1995 Alternative
College Rock
R.E.M. New Adventures In Hi-Fi 1996 Alt Rock CD
R.E.M. Out of Time 1991 CD
R.E.M. Reckoning 1984 rock CD
R.E.M. Reveal 2001 CD
R.E.M. Shiny Happy People [CD-single] 1992 CD
R.E.M. Up 1998 Alt Rock CD
Radical Dance Faction Borderline Cases 1990 LP
Radical Dance Faction Wasteland 1994 rock CD
Rage Against the Machine Rage Against The Machine 1992 Alternative Metal
Funk Rock
Rammstein Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da 2009 CD
Rammstein Reise Reise 2004 CD
Rammstein Rosenrot: +DVD 2005 CD
Rammstein Sehnsucht 1997 CD
Rammstein Volkerball [CD + DVD] 2006 CD
Ramones Hey! Ho! Let's Go - The Anthology 2001 CD
Ramones Road To Ruin 1978 Punk Rock LP
Hank Ray Ballads from the Ballads of Hearts CD
Chris Rea The Road To Hell 1989 CD
Red Harvest Internal Punishment Programs 2004 CD
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication 1999 CD
Redding, Otis Otis Blue 1992 Soul CD
Redskins Neither Washington Nor Moscow 1986 LP
Redskins Neither Washington nor Moscow + mer [CD-R] CD
Lou Reed The Very Best Of Classic Rock CD
The Residents Eskimo 1979 LP
The Residents Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers Series, Vol. II 1986 LP
The Residents The Tunes of Two Cities 1982 LP
Revelacion The House Of Rising Sun 1977 LP
The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band The Whole Fam Damnily 2008 CD
Stan Ridgeway Big Heat 1985 LP
Amy Rigby Till the Wheels Fall 2007 CD
Rimsky-Korsakov Scheherazade 1985 LP
Jason Ringenberg Empire Builders 2007 CD
Coco Robicheaux Yeah U Rite! 2005 CD
Robinson, Smokey & The Miracles Christmas With the Miracles [Merry Christmas from Motown] 1994 julesanger
Robinson, Smokey anf the Miracles Best of (Anthology Serie) 1996 CD
Rodrigo Y Gabriela Rodrigo Y Gabriela [+DVD] 2008 CD
The Rolling Stones Aftermath 1966 LP
The Rolling Stones Goats Head Soup 1994 R&B
The Rolling Stones Out of Our Heads 1965 LP
The Rolling Stones Rolled Gold + (4 LP] 2007 LP
The Rolling Stones Some Girls 1978 LP
Romeos Juliet 1990 Data LP
Ross, Diana & the Supremes Merry Christmas 1999 julesanger CD
Ross, Diana & the Supremes Stop! In the Name of Love 2000 Soul CD
Roxy Music Collection 2005 CD
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure 1973 LP
Roxy Music Roxy Music 1972 LP
Rub a Dubs Dreamtime 1999 CD
Rub a Dubs Frozen Light CD
Rub a Dubs Rockin 'pon top! 2002 CD
Rub a Dubs Sugar in Space 2005 CD
Rush A Farewell to Kings 1977 LP
Calvin Russell Unrepentant 2008 CD
Tom Russell Blood and Candle Smoke 2009 CD
Røde armes kor Kalinka 1983 LP
Røde armes kor Les Choeurs de l'Armee Sovietique Classical
Røde Mor Grillbaren 1973 rock LP
Røde Mor Røde Mor [8 CD] 2002 Box set
Røde Mor Ta Hvad Der Er Dit 1972 LP