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Fabulous Trammps Legendary Zing Album 1995 funk/disco
Marianne Faithfull Broken English 1979 Rock - Songwriters
Roots - Folk-rock
Marianne Faithfull Easy Come Easy Go (Deluxe Edition 2CD + DVD) 2008 CD
Marianne Faithfull The Very Best of Marianne Faithfull 2001 CD
Faithless Reverence 2002 Disco
Techno/Hip hop
Farmer Jason
Jason Ringenberg
A Day at the Farm with Farmer Jason 2006 CD
Fear Factory Archetype (Limited Edition / CD+DVD) 2004 CD
Bryan Ferry Slave to Love: The Best of the Ballads 2000 CD
Fiendens Musik Fiendens musik 1979 Punk LP
Five Foot Thick Blood Puddle 2003 CD
The Flaming Lips Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots 2003 CD
Fleetwood Mac The Best Of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac 2002 blues CD
Floyd Lee Band Doctors, Devils & Drugs 2008 CD
The Flying Lizards Flying Lizards 1980 LP
Focus Hamburger Concerto 1974 Progressive Rock LP
Focus Moving Waves 1971 LP
Fogerty, John
Diverse country/folk
Chooglin': A Tribute To The Songs Of John Fogerty 2002 CD
Blaze Foley Cold Cold World 2006 CD
Blaze Foley Oval Room 2005 CD
John Foxx Metamatic 1980 LP
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Two Tribes [EP] 1984 LP
Franklin, Aretha Lady Soul 1995 soul/gospel CD
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand 2004 CD
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better [CD + DVD] 2005 CD
Free Kitten
Sonic Youth
Inherit 2008 Indie Rock CD
Robert Fripp Exposure 1979 LP
Robert Fripp God Save the Queen & Under Heavy Manners 1980 Avantgarde LP
Robert Fripp The League of Gentlemen 1981 Progressive Rock LP
From Autumn to Ashes Too Bad You're Beautiful CD
Fugees Blunted on Reality 1996 R&B