Events are separated into major and flavour events. Although they are scripted exactly the same way, the convention is to place minor events, such as cultural personalities, in the flavour event files, whereas major events go in the major event files. This is just a convention; the event files can be called anything as long as they are included in db\events.txt (whose name is also a convention - it is just included in all of the scenario .EUG files). Random events are added in special files.

For more about event scripting see the Exhaustive Bible of Event Scripting.

Including events in a scenario

The events can be put in any text file as long as they get linked to the scenario. The standard convension for this is to add a list of the event files to events.txt, and then include this file in the scenario.

Define an event list

The file events.txt in the db folder contains a list event files. The syntax is:

event = "db\events\major_tib.txt"
event = "db\events\major_ann.txt"
event = "db\events\major_ayu.txt"
event = "db\events\major_dai.txt"
event = "db\events\major_pom.txt"

Each line defines the location of a file. You can also add your own event files:

event = "edit\my_events_eng.txt"

The above will look for my_events_eng.txt in the edit sub-folder in your EU2 program folder.

Include the event list

To get the events in the list defined in events.txt loaded in your scenario you must include the list in the scenario definition. If you look at a scenario definition, e.g. 'The Age of Exploration.eug' you will find, at the end:

include = "scenarios\"
include = "db\events.txt"

The first line is a link to the scenario file, while the last line is a link to the event list.

You can edit the existing event list, make your own list of additional files or even define the event files directly into the scenario:

include = "scenarios\"
event = "edit\my_events_eng.txt"
event = "edit\my_events_fra.txt"

The above will add the event files my_events_eng.txt and my_events_fra.txt to the event files listed in events.txt.


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