General practitioner, family practice at Florvåg on Askøy - an island with 25.000 inhabitants just north of Bergen. Born 1947. Graduation Medical faculty, University of Bergen 1974. 1976-81 public health officer and general practitioner. Training in psychiatry. Since 1981 running my own family practice.
Specialist GP since 1986 and supervisor for gp specialist candidates since 1988. Part time practice teacher . Interest in implementing computers in general practice and in electronic communication in medical practice. In our family practice we have computerised medical records (EPJ) - Infodoc - since 1982.
Editor of the data column in Utposten ("the outpost" - the norwegian journal for gp, public health and familiy practice) and publishing Utposten on the web from 1995 - 2005. Repr in Fagutvalget Aplf 1997 - 2002.  Felles edb-utvalg. Redaksjonskomiteen Tidsskrift for Den norske lægeforening until 2004. Now I am running my own web-site and taking interest in digital photography I publish a new picture every day except when on holiday.

Legesenteret i Florvåg, Pb 3, 5329 Florvåg.  
Tel.: +47 56157400