G. Tveitt Fifty Folksongs from Hardanger
The long long Winter Night

Recorded on a Steinway B model from Hamburg built in circa 1980
Soloist Heli Jakobsen
Recording by Jan Hovden at Greigakadamiet
Piano tuned and maintained by Richard Brekne RPT, NPTF

Here is a list of zipped .MP3 files generated by wavgen21. Beat rates, affects of interference due to slightly out of tune "unisons" on beat rates, and an Octave partial set taken from a well tuned grand are included. If you find these useful I encourage you to download the  Wavgen21.zip and experiment with your own ideas. You will need an MP3 player to listen to them. If you have Microsoft Explorer you can play these directly with Active X. If you are using Netscape and RealPlayer, you need to use the "Open Location" option and access the files directly.    Alternatively you can download the whole bunch included in the zip file and play them at home any time you want.  Good luck !


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