Marital status:

Terje Slettebų
Nedre Gokstadvei 22
3228 Sandefjord
45 45 70 94 (private/work)
tslettebo at broadpark dot no
24 June 1966

Education and work experience

2003-Present I'm currently working as a software developer ("systemutvikler") at Adstate A/S. We're developing web applications for the media industry. The technology used mainly involves PHP, XML, HTML and JavaScript. I've worked there since July 2003.
2002 I've made a Java applet, CropTool, for Fotoware A/S, as a freelance project, January 2002. It is an applet for their FotoWeb software, to enable cropping, scaling, rotating, etc. of pictures. The information is then sent back to the server, and a full-resolution picture with the required parameters is returned. This gives it the same functionality as FotoStation in this respect. Here's the contract (page 1, page 2).
2001-2002 3. year, Oslo University College, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science (transcript)
2000-2001 2. year, Oslo College of Engineering, Computer Science
1999-2000 1. year, Oslo College of Engineering, Computer Science
1992-1993 1 year precourse for college (transcript, other side)
1991-1992 Rimi, Oppsal, shop worker (reference)
1989-1990 Sivil service, Maharishi International University, Oslo (reference)
1987-1988 Renva, Mastemyr, cleaning (reference)
1985-1986 Televerket, teleekspeditør (office work, store room) (reference)
1982-1985 3 years, Bredtvet High Scool, natural science (transcipt, other side)
1973-1982 Abildsø, primary school (transcript)

Other Experience

  • I am an administrator at Sourceforge loki-lib, which is the project for Andrei Alexandrescu's Loki library. I'm participating in maintaining Loki, taking care of bugreports, etc.
  • I've co-authored the Loki port to Borland C++ Builder 6.0, and written regression tests for Loki, with Pavel Vozenilek. I've mostly ported and written tests for Typelist.h, TypeManip.h and TypeTraits.h, and Pavel has ported and written tests for the rest.
  • I'm the coordinator for the ACCU mentored-developers Modern C++ Design project, which is a study group for the book, and the author himself, Andrei Alexandrescu, is the mentor (!)

    There is also a companion Sourceforge project for the Modern C++ Project, Loki Experimental, for experimental code (extensions and examples) for the Loki library. I've contributed a few Loki typelist components here.
  • I'm a mentor at ACCU mentored-developers Begin C++ project, which is an ACCU project for learning C++. We're using the Accelerated C++ book, and also here, the authors, Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo, and Francis Glassborow, are observers.
  • I've written some MPL code, demonstrating compile-time, run-time and combined evaluation, also called partial evaluation, as described in Generative Programming.
  • I've been working on a Windows/Direct3D framework, which uses a scene graph architecture. It also uses some metaprogramming, using typelists, to remove source code duplication. There is an example program on the page that creates a simple scene, a rotating Gouraud-shaded RGB cube, a sphere, and a cone.
  • I was student assistant at the Oslo University College, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science (HiO IU) C++ course the fall 2001. I took the course myself, too, mostly to get the credit, as I had learned C++ earlier. This meant helping the other students when the teacher wasn't around, such as when doing assignments. The teacher was Frode Eika Sandnes, and he may confirm this, and may possibly also be a reference (I haven't asked him).

Other projects


Computer graphics course for Programmers BBS.

1995 extASM assembler for Acorn Archimedes/RiscPC/RiscStation, etc.
Given out as Shareware. These have an ARM processor (ARM - Acorn RISC Machine), and have the operating system RISC OS.
Made together with Eivind Hagen - he worked a year at it, and I worked a year at it.
It got an excellent review in an English Acorn-magazine, Archive.
A 500 KB assembler, written in assembly. The source code is 500 KB, the program itself about 64 KB.
1985 I participated in the Young Scientists competition, with the computer graphics program "Pixel Edit", and won an Exhibition Price.
The program was made for the BBC Micro computer, and it was a program for picture editing.
It was written in BBC Basic.

Smaller projects


Projects in courses at Oslo University College, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science

I'm mostly self-taught, having had computers as a hobby since I was 16.

Language skills



Good oral and writing skills.
I worked 16 months as sivil service worker at MIU (mentioned earlier), where the official language was English, and many of the teachers and faculty were foreign, so I got a lot of practice with English. In addition, I've read much English, not at least because of much of my computer books are in English.

Some (Primary school and High school)

Computer experience

I've had computers as a hobby since I was 16 years old, when the first home computers came, and I've had the computers Vic 20, BBC Micro, Amiga, Acorn Archimedes, Acorn RiscPC. I now have a PC.

Before I started with computers, I had electronics as a hobby.

Experience, PC

Windows 3.x, 95, 98 and 2000


Intel C++
Microsoft Visual C++
Borland C++ Builder
Borland JBuilder

Macromedia Dreamweaver

Microsoft Office

Programming languages

Java (incl. Java 2.0)
Assembly (80x86, ARM)


Makeup of PCs, and their configuration.



References are available on request.

Other references

I've bought and sold some at QXL Auction. My grade book.


I've been participating at mailing lists, such as Boost, Boost-Users, and accu-general, and newsgroups, like comp.lang.c++.moderated.

Other things.
I've been a boy scout in 1. Grorud scout group. I've been assistant "wolf cub" leader (the youngest group of the scouts).
I also have photography as a hobby, particularly nature photography.