This rather dim globular cluster known as M56 is located in the constellation Lyra. The diameter of the bright cluster is believed to be only 60 light-years, and is located about 45,000 light-years from Earth. This cluster is lacking the bright core which most globulars have. This stellar swarm is approaching Earth at the high velocity of 145 km/sec. Data collection is done by my Danish friend Michael Stauning and myself.

Data info from Michael Stauning:
Place: Holbæk - 55 42 45N, 11 44 04E
Date: 24/8 2009
Time: 23:46 til 02:19
Weather: 16 grader, meget klart god seeing, let til frisk vind. Hårde vindstød.
MPSAS: 19,9
NELM: 5.43
Mont: Celestron CGE
Teleskop#1: Celestron C8 XLT Karbon f/6,7
Teleskop#2: Takashi FS-60 f/6,2
Guideskop: Celestron C8 XLT Karbon f/6,7.
Camera#1: Sbig ST-2000xm+AO-8
Camera#2: Starlight Xpress M8C.
Guider: Intern Sbig ST-2000xm
Filter: Astronomik: LRGB
Temp Kamera: -20 € C.
Subframes#1: 14 x 300 Lum, 5 x 300 RGB.
Subframes#2: 6 x 1200 OSC (One shoot Color).
Expotime: 4200 sek L, 11700sek x RGB
Total time: 265,00 min
Guidetime: 0,005 sekund.
Program: MaxImDL 4,62, Adobe Photoshop CS3.
Imagescale: 1,10"
Stack: Median.
Darks, Bias og flat.

My data:
RA 19h 16m 35s, Dec 30d 11m 12s
Pos Angle +170° 06
FL 1750 mm.
Image scale 0.87"/arcsec/pix.

Optics and mount: Meade 10" ACF f/7 on Takahashi Em-200
Camera: Artemis 4021. Guided with MiniBorg 60ED and DSI pro II.
Filters: LRGB Astrodon Gen. 2
Exposures: L:11 x 300 RGB: 6 x 300 all bin 1x1.
Software: Maxim DL (Guiding, calib), Photoshop CS2.
Date and Location 31.08.2009 / 59 11 47.83 N. - 10 22 29.33 E

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