NGC 2174 is a emission nebula covering an area larger than the full Moon on the sky and located in the constellation Orion and is associated with the open star cluster NGC 2175. It is thought to be located about 6400 light-years away from earth.

RA 06h 09m 30s, Dec 20d 40m 30s
Pos Angle +164 10', FL 394.9 mm, 3.86"/Pixel

Optics and mount: Takahashi FSQ106ED f/3.6 on Takahashi Em-200
Camera: Artemis 4021. Guided with MiniBorg 60ED and DSI pro II.
Filters: Astrodon Ha 5 nm.
Exposures: Ha 7 x 600 sec.
Software: Maxim DL (Guiding, darks), Photoshop CS2.
Date and Location 12.02.2008 / 59 11 47.83 N. - 10 22 29.33 E

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