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Go fast in an aggressively good looking boat.....Wow!
Out-manoeuvre your buddies in club competition......Yess!
Lay back with your family and friends on a sunny weekend .....

That´s how we feel about it anyway. Want to join us?

slinn PoD - dream of the extreme

This is a real innovation in catamaran sailing. The central pod provides a small galley and navigation station, a table and a generous double berth. Outside there is a sheltered cockpit with easy access to an outboard engine. hatches in the hulls provide access to extra berths and a toilet as well as ample storage space.
Want to go racing? Undo the pod and heave it overboard. The pod becomes a small outboard boat for the judges or for sending the kids ashore, while your catamaran becomes sleek, long, low, light - a true racer.


Length Over All incl. bowsprit X,x meters Hull length: 9,20 meters (30 feet) Hull height: 80 cm
Beam X,XX meters
Draft Boards up 30cm Boards down XXX cm
Weight 800kg Displacement 1200 kg
Sail Area: Main 33 sq. m. Jib 16 sq. m. Genoa 35 sq. m.


slinn Era - the designer wants it for himself

Many young families are frightened away from sailing by two things. The high cost of sailboats and uncomfortable rolling and heeling. To find suitable accommodation young families end up with 20 to 30 year old worn out and slow monohulls since the market for small cruising catamarans is very limited.

The ErA addresses all these issues with a beautiful compromise. Highly efficient hulls in the catamaran configuration provide stability and loads of interior space. Notice how, on a monohull everyone is constantly crossing the single square meter of floor between the salon, the galley, the toilet and the hatch? How about 4 square meters in stead, two hatches and three directions to go. Traffic is spread out. Three individual sleeping rooms, a saloon with a 270 degree view, and a cockpit of 6 square meters. The saloon converts to a double bed. Five beds total. How about doing the dishes with 3,5 meters of counter space and good lighting from a large window. The structure and interior are highly integrated to reduce materials, weight, building time and price. No wood trim. Easy wash textiles provide colour and warmth. A minimal technical system using battery powered LED lighting, Alcohol or kerosene burning cooker. Gravity powered cold water.


Length Over All: 8,5 meters (28 feet) Hull standing headroom <200 cm, Bridge deck headroom <160 cm
Beam 4,20 meters Hull beam 85 cm
Draft Boards up 30 cm Boards down 120 cm
Weight 1000 kg Displacement 1600 kg
Sail Area: Main XX sq. m. Jib XX sq. m. Genoa XX sq. m.
Mast height: 12 meters


slinn XoZ - the moulds are ready to build this - are you?

You like sailing the most of all. And who said sailing slow was more fun than sailing fast? In each hull there are flat reinforcements positioned so you can throw in an air mattress and a sleeping bag along with your clothes and equipment. There is a small table (a single burner gas stove?) in each hull, so basically two couples can go sailing together and have some privacy at night. If you want to upgrade and get social on summer evenings, install a tent between the hulls. Throw in some cushions, and you have 8 square meters of lounging area.

Preliminary specifications:

Length hull: 8,53 meters (28 feet), Height hull 100 cm, Sitting height: 130 cm
Beam Over All 5,0 meters Hull Beam 73 cm
Draft Boards up 35cm Boards down 130 cm
Weight ~700 kg Displacement ~1000 kg
Sail Area: Main 33 sq. m. Jib 16 sq. m. Genoa 35 sq. m.


slinn BiG -a big idea looking for investors

BiG is the family friendly beach cat. It is large enough to provide a safe and dry platform for family sailing and powerful enough for one to three adults to sail fast. It has an out board engine, three beams and a forward trampoline that can be lowered for swimming. BiG is still a beach cat in terms of beaching and demountability. It can be trailed behind a medium size car. A typical 14 to 18 foot beach cat is low and wet. It has a large sail area for max speed. Together these properties make ordinary beach cats less suitable for a family with young children on anything but a quiet summer´s day. Check out the market at the beach cats.com. BiG is almost alone on the market in the gap up to minimum accommodation multihulls.

Preliminary specifications:
Length Over All: 7,0 meters (23 feet)
Beam Over All 3,0 meters Hull Beam 50 cm
Draft Boards up 20cm Boards down 120 cm
Weight ~250 kg Displacement ~600 kg
Mast height 11.0 m
Sail Area: total 25 sq. m. Main 17sq. m. Jib 8 sq. m. additional Genoa XX sq. m.
Slab reefing main, self sheeting jib, optional snuffer sprit genoa
6061-T6 aluminium extrusions dia 120 mm aft and main dia 60mm bow
Bracket for outboard 2-4 HP to provide 7 knot cruising speed


and why not

Based on the successful hull design of the XOZ trimaran campaigned by Per Ferskaug on the European Formula 28 circuit, we are developing a range of catamaran sailboats.

Why cat and not tri?
1: F(one hull less) = (less cost + less complexity) - forestay tension
2: Sure, you can build a tri if you want.

Why is the XoZ hull so special?
1: It has a high volume bow and a very long flat run that provides good top speed.
2: The investment in hull design and moulds is done already. We have moulds for hull, mast, rudder, boards and the small deckhouse of the XoZ design.

Why not design you own hull?
The XoZ hull is a proven high speed hull design but it does not have the displacement or hull width for cruising so the Era will be our own design.

Why do you think you can make the 23 foot BiG from 28 foot moulds?
We don´t, this will have to be a totally new design.

Why are you not selling these?
We are working on this in our spare time, but looking for partners to set up shop with.

downloads - sorry - not ready

In this space we will make available PDF's presenting the boats as well as pictures and movies.

Contact us:


Slinn catamarans is an idealistic product development partnership located in Trondheim, in the middle of Norway. The founders of slinn are:

Eivind J Øvrelid is a Research Scientist (PhD) at SINTEF The Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. The SINTEF Group is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia. He has sailed multihulls for 8 years.

Eivinds main fields of competence:
• Process Metallurgy
• Chemical Thermodynamics
• Refining of Magnesium and Aluminium Alloys
• Molten Metal Treatment
• Reaction Kinetics
• Chemical Reaction Kinetics on Melt / Gas Interfaces
• Solubility of Gases in Molten Metals
• Properties of Oxide Layers on Molten Metals

Trond Are Øritsland is an industrial designer (PhD in interaction design). He is an associate professor at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Dept. of Product Design. Trond Are designed and built his first catamaran day sailor at age 16 and has since designed and built a 6 meter cat, a 5 meter proa and two commercial kayak designs that have sold over one hundred. He co-developed the wing-paddle that today dominates competition flat water kayaking together with Einar Rasmussen hand building over 70 prototypes and several hundred vacum injected carbon composite sandwich paddles. He has been an international class athlete in kayaking. His design practice spans, sports equipment, medical equipment and electronic and software user interfaces. For the last ten years he has been teaching product design and interaction design

Trond Are´s main fields of competence:
• Product design
• Man machine interaction and ergonomics
• User Centred Design processes
• Usability testing, software and hardware user interface design


Updated contents with new PoD picture and texts. 7 june 2007

Specs and idea sketch for BiG published 3. jan 07

These, the first web pages describing the project are published. 20.nov.06

Design on the PoD racer is proceeding, while initial contacts and planning for production of the first XoZ is in the works for production in the winter 2006/07

XoZ moulds acquired from Per Ferskaug. Eivind bought the moulds for hull and mast from multihull designer and sailor Per Ferskaug. The XoZ has been campaigned on the European Formula 28 circuit..
More >>

 Design process

POD design process

ERA design process

XOZ ideas

BiG ideas


Here is the competition:


Reynolds 33

Aventura 23 and 28

Main Cat 30

4xCAT 28

Example of Formula 28 cat

MyCat 26

Aquilon 265

Stiletto 23 and 27

RC and ARC cats

Rush 10

Tennant design - several boats

Woods design - several boats


Nordic organizations:

Norwegian multihull club

Swedish multihull club

Danish multihull club

Finnish multihull club


Friends and fun sites:

Tor Rabe´s Farrier 22 project

Check out these videos!


Our favourite cruising spots
in the middle of Norway:

Picture from Rotvoll outside Trondheim. The inner parts of the Trondheim fjord is full of places like this. The fjord is open to the wind. A popular place for regattas.

Picture from http://www.titran.no/

Outside Trondheim around the islands of Hitra and Frøya approximately 5400 skerries stretch all the way out to Halten a small island far out in the north atlantic. The picture is from Titran



Picture from http://www.norwaysailing.com/

Traveling north along the coast is Norway's best, most scenic area, Helgelandskysten. Some say it is the most beautiful coastline in the world.



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