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Transport to our Bangkok condominium    

To get to our Bangkok condominium we recommend taking a taxi from the airport as it is fast and inexpensive. Normally the price will be around 7 Euros when charging by meter. Often the drivers will offer you a fixed price of 12 Euros but meter is always cheaper. You can take any taxi as long as there is a meter sign on the top of the car, see top - left picture. In case you are a larger group or have a lot of luggage we recommend taking a limousine from the airport. The price depends on the size of the car, but it is not more expensive than using 2 or 3 taxis.

Transport to our Chaiyaphum Castle

We recommend to rent a car and drive yourself to our castle in Chaiyaphum. At the airport the Car rentals are inside the terminal so you just load your suitcases straight from the trolley to the rented card. Remember always to pre-book as prices at arrival is minimum the double. In case you do not bring your own GPS, please add one to the rental to easy find your way. Please see the "How to get there" pages under the Chaiyaphum castle for more directions and GPS coordinates. There are two rental companies we suggest in Thailand that we have very good experience with our self. Please click on the below images to go straight to their web sites to check prices and availability.


If you do not like to drive yourself, there are other ways of getting to the property. The cheapest way is by bus fro the Mo Chit bus station in Bangkok.

There are several companies and there is a bus every hour. The company with the best seats is Sunbus, www.Sunbus.co.th. This company has only 3 seats per row in the bus, the seats can recline good, and you have your own screen with movies and music. Halfway the bus takes a 15 minutes stop in case you prefer a normal restroom instead of the toilet in the bus, or in case you want a warm snack. The price is below 300 Bath per person per way and the bus use 4 hours. In case you want to go there by bus we recommend that you get assistance by the taxi driver driving you to the Mo Shit Bus terminal as nobody speaks English at the terminal and all signs are in Thai. You will exit the bus at Ban Kai just before Chaiyaphum. The buss driver will announce the Ban Kai stop, so make sure you exit at the right stop. From there you will need to take a Tuk Tuk It is important that you print out this brochure and show to the Tuk Tuk driver. If he still does not understand, call Somsak on +66 89 84 77 92 5 and give the phone to the Tuk Tuk driver.


Isuzu Govermental bus
Govermental bus Sunbus

You can also choose to take a taxi all the way to our castle from the airport in Bangkok. We will advise you to negotiate the deal and a price of around 120 Euro is acceptable for one way. Ask the taxi to take a stop half way on the mountains for food as there are many nice restaurants there.

Minibuss We can also offer you a 10 seats minibus with driver to transfer you from any place in Bangkok to the Chaiyaphum Castle. This service needs to be pre-booked and pre-paid at least 3 weeks prior to arrival. The price is 190 Euro for transfer from Bangkok to the castle, or from the castle to Bangkok. In case you have no transport and want to use this minibus from the castle, please contact Mr. Somsak for availability. Then you will need to pay 8000 Bath (190 Euro) to Mr. Somsak. Please send an email to OrchidHoliday@Broadpark.no for reservation.

Renting a car, minibus or motorcycle at the castle

We offer rentals of motorcycle, Taxi or Minibus. Taxi and Minibus is including driver. Half day is maximum 6 hours and full day is maximum 12 hours.

Honda 100cc  


A Honda 100 cc motorcycle can be rented for 4 Euro (175 Bath) per day. Please contact Mr. Somsak for arrangements.




A minibus including driver can be rented for 35 Euro for a half day including 60Kms and 70 Euro for a full day including 120Kms. The driver speaks a little English and can take you anywhere local and even longer. For longer drives you will need to pay the additional gas. Please contact Mr. Somsak for arrangements. Minibus
In case you have taken the bus to the house you can also rent a car to drive yourself. The nearest car rental is in Korat. Please click on the image to the left for reservation or contact info.
Mr. Somsak also provide a Taxi Service, see pictures below. It is 20 Euro for a half day including max 60Kkms and 40 Euro pr day including 120Kkms you will have a very nice driver. The car can take 5 persons. Please contact Mr. Somsak for agreement. For longer drives you will need to pay the additional gas.
Isuzu Isuzu interior


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